Our company

Noa Ecco empresa 1

Noa Ecco was born from David and Silvia´s imagination. Creativity and bussines together. Noa Ecco started step by step, first with small cute retail stores. We discovered that there were many people who liked our designs. From there to the manufacture there were few steps

We follow our way, and we beccame in a manufacture and wholesale company where clothing is the accessory.

During last years we developed a painters collection that is very successful. It´s based on paintings of admired painters as Klimt, Modigliani, Waterhouse, Sorolla y Bastida, Schie,lle, Renoir, Mucha, Van Gogh, Kozon, Alma Tadema, William Morris, Carl Larsson, etc

We have also specialized in developing custom collections for museums, foundations and chain stores.

Diseñadora de joyería

Actually we have more than 500 distributors all around the world. They are in Spain,France,Italy, Portugal, Belgium, USA, Japan, Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Corea, Austria, Germany, Greece, Corea, Australia and more...